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Medellin, April 4, 2017


Medellin is transformed for sporting competitions

  • For the past five (5) years, Medellin has held 17 international sporting events hosting over 13,500 people, without counting fans, who have chosen the city as their host city.
  • Currently, the city has over 150 sports complexes suitable for large format or high performance competition.
  • Yearly, Medellin holds over 50 high performance sports competitions.

The 2010 South American Games, FIFA Futsal World Cup and the Central American Bowling Tournament are some of the large international events Medellin has held in the past years.

These have made the city to become increasingly attractive to the world as an ideal setting for sporting events. Over 200 events of this type have been held since 2010 in Medellin, attracting over 30 thousand professional athletes, Coaches and 500 thousand fans. Currently the City can host all kinds of sporting events and it is backed by the results of the previously mentioned events.

Promotion of Medellin as a sports arena has generated the need to invest constantly in infrastructure. For this reason, the Institute for Recreational Activities and Sports (INDER) is constantly renovating and adapting its 866 sporting scenarios.  Remodeling of the Ivan de Bedout Coliseum, with an investment amounting around 6 billion pesos, and the Supercross and Challenger track, amounting more than 10 billion pesos, are some of the scenarios recently adapted for high performance competitions.  Medellin has very good scenarios for competitions such as cycling, swimming, athletics, skating, underwater sports, and chess, basketball, volleyball and combat sports. Thanks to those modalities, several international tournaments and world championships such as the World BMX championship have been held in the city.

One of Medellin’s largest projects regarding sporting infrastructure is District D, an initiative that for 2019 seeks to join over 70 sporting scenarios in the western part of the city in approximately 8 square kilometers, through bridges, bicycle tracks and trails, thus contributing to sustainable mobility and to the environment.

“We want Medellin to be recognized as an ideal destination for sporting competitions. One of the advantages we have is that in addition to the scenarios, the entire tourism sector, such as hotels, restaurants and public transport, are constantly improving to receive visitors, which are increasing every year. For example, between 2017 and 2018, 11 important Hotel Chains such as Decameron, Hilton and Marriott, will start operations in the city and in the near eastern region, investing over 811 billion pesos.” Stated Ana Maria Gallego Martinez, Manager of Medellin Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Medellín was recognized for being the city of Colombia that had the greatest growth in number of visitors received during 2016, with a total of 702,080 (a significant number considering that in 2008 it received 270.080). Of the total number of visitors, 263,238 were foreigners, representing a growth of 24% which means double the national percentage and five times more than the world average. These outputs result from the fact that the city has been renovated, transformed and oriented towards social and urban innovation models contributing to economic development, while leaving behind the violence image that took place in the 1990s.

To access Medellin’s photographic book, visit: http://media.bureaumedellin.com/wp/reserva-fotografica/, credits of used material belong to Medellin.travel.

Press Release 
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Head of Press and Public Relations – Medellin Bureau nangel@bureaumedellin.com
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